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A Vedic sage emphasized that the basis of happy and fulfilling married life is the sense of unity, intimacy and love between husband and wife both physically, mentally and spiritually. Hence wife is considered to be the Ardhangani of husband as per Hindu tradition. Marriage is not for self-indulgence, but is considered a lifelong social and spiritual responsibility. Married life is considered an opportunity for two people to grow as life partners into soul mates.

In traditional North Indian or Hindi weddings, the main ceremony takes place at the brides' home. There are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies as well. The most important of the former is the Mangni or Sagai or engagement ceremony. On the auspicious day of the wedding, the bride's father treats the groom to yogurt and honey and graciously welcomes him into the household. One of the most important of North Indian wedding traditions is the exchanging of garlands, commonly referred to as the Jaimala ceremony and is symbolic of accepting one another.

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